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Charity Warrington Animal Welfare animal rescue, adoption & Neuter

Our Beliefs

We care about every pet!

At WAW we put the animal first and care for every animal and every pet.

Our charity was setup to provide financial support for pet owners on low income or benefits to help them to pay to have their pet's neutered, in a bid to reduce the amount of stray, abandoned and unwanted pets in Warrington and surrounding areas.

  • Raise awareness of  pet ownership, neutering and microchipping.
  • Low-cost neutering for pet owners who are on benefits/low income.
  • Offer help and assistance to rehome unwanted pets.
  • Supporting our communities


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Neuter to reduce stray animals
Low Cost Pet Neutering to reduce unwanted pregnancy

If you are in receipt of benefits or are on low income, we can help you with the neuter of your pet.  Please complete...

Microchip your pet
Microchipping your Pet

Microchipping your Pet A microchip is a tiny, glass inert capsule the size of a grain of rice containing an...

Responsible pet remoning with Warrington Animal Welfare
Rehoming Pets and Rescue Animals Responsibly

Responsible Pet & Rescue Animal Rehoming with Warrington Animal Welfare Making the decision to rehome a pet is...

Fostering kittens at Warrington Animal Welfare
Help the Rescue Animals by Fostering Kittens

Fostering Kittens from Warrington Animal Welfare Foster carers are an invaluable part of the work that we do and vital...

Animal welfare fostering dogs
Fostering Dogs at Warrington Animal Welfare

Help us by Fostering Dogs at Warrington Animal Welfare Our kennels are always full, and we are sometimes unable to take...

Latest News at Warrington Animal Welfare

Barn owl & chicken rescue by Animal Rescue Warrington Animal Welfare
Warrington Animal Welfare Volunteers Successful Rescue of Barn Owls and Chickens

Warrington Animal Welfare volunteers rescue of Barn Owls and Chickens succesful Last week we received a phone call...

Can you afford to get a dog? Saving Charlies life

Bought from a local breeder, Charlie the French Bulldog found himself on the brink of death, when his owners, who...

Amazon smile shopping to help Warrington Animal Welfare
Amazon Smile shopping to help the animal welfare

Shopping to help the animal welfare with Amazon Smile Do you shop on Amazon?  If so, you can help animals in need...

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